Top Cashback Bonuses for Casinos 2024

The cashback bonus is often an underrated online casino bonus within the gaming community. Many players tend to prioritize match bonuses, complimentary spins, and other similar promotions. Nonetheless, cashback bonuses from casinos can also provide significant value.

Typically, online cashback bonuses receive less attention due to the scarcity of such promotions. Yet, there are consistent offers that focus on cashbacks as well.

We will now delve into the reasons why you should explore the leading cashback bonuses available. For frequent players, leveraging these promotions is sensible. They allow you to recover a substantial part of your gaming expenditures.

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🤔 What is a Cashback Casino Bonus?

This bonus allows you to reclaim a percentage of your losses or deposits. Typically, this bonus is provided as bonus funds, accompanied by various terms and conditions. The typical range for cashback bonuses is between 5% and 30%.

For example: a cashback bonus can give you 10% back from your losses on Reactoonz. This means that if you lost €100 while playing this slot game, you will get €10 back in bonus money. 

How Cashback Bonuses Function

Contrary to deposit bonuses that require a deposit to receive a reward, a cashback casino bonus allows you to recover a portion of your losses. This means you need to have lost money on specific games or a set of games to claim this type of bonus. For example, with a 10% cashback offer, every time you lose a bet, you receive €10 of your money back as bonus cash.

Generally, cashback bonuses are subject to restrictions and caps. Often, there is a maximum amount of cashback you can receive. For example, with a 20% cashback offer and a cap of €100, €100 is the maximum amount you can receive as cashback even if you lose, say, €3000. If the cashback casino offer has no limits, it means you can receive unlimited cashback. The limit is always specified in the bonus terms and conditions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashback Bonuses

Like any other casino bonus, cashback offers also have their benefits and drawbacks. Let’s examine why the best cashback bonus offers might provide more value than initially expected, but also consider some potential downsides:

✔️ Pros
❌ Cons
Reduced losses — You can recover a portion of your losses when you sign up for a cashback bonus. Most of the casinos with cashback bonuses offer anywhere between 0.5% to 30% back on your net losses. The percentage depends on the promotion.
Restricted games — as a general rule, you only get cashback when you play certain games.
Extended playtime — cashback offers means more money to play with.
Not widely available — this is not a rare offer, but you surely won’t find it at all casinos.
No wagering requirements - this type of bonus usually comes with low or no wagering requirements at all.
Simple requirements – Some casino bonuses have pretty specific requirements. That’s not the case with a cashback bonus.

Selecting a Cashback Bonus Casino

Not all cashback bonuses are created equal, and some may not be suitable for you. That’s why we’ve simplified the process by compiling a list of the best casinos offering cashback bonuses for you. All you need to do now is pick one that fits your preferences. Here’s how to proceed:

Varieties of Cashback Bonuses

Each type of cashback casino bonus involves reclaiming a portion of the money you’ve already spent. Redeeming the money is always partial as no online casino offers 100% cashback. Cashback bonuses are categorized based on their structure, terms and conditions, and other factors. Here are the main types of cashback bonuses:

🗓️ Monthly Cashback Bonus

This bonus type provides a monthly reimbursement that is credited to your account at the start of each month. The percentage varies significantly among different casinos, with the lowest rebates starting from a few percent.

⌛ Short-Term Promotion Cashback

Occasionally, casinos organize promotions that offer cashback and last only a few weeks to a month or two. In these cases, the attached terms and conditions may be more stringent compared to other programs. For instance, some online casinos might offer cashback as part of their online casino Christmas bonuses during the holiday season.

🪄 On All Losses

Activating a casino cashback bonus on all losses means that you will receive a percentage of all your losses back. This type of offer typically comes without game restrictions, allowing you to receive cashback regardless of the casino games you play. The cashback on all losses offer is quite rare as usually, specific games are tied to these offers.

🎲 Cashback on Specific Games

A cashback bonus may be tailored to a single game or a specific genre of games. For example, you might find generous rebates on pirate-themed slots. While this is a hypothetical scenario, some casinos get creative with promotional ideas, leading to such targeted bonuses.

🤑 Cashback on Deposits

This bonus type differs from regular cashback bonuses. When you activate a cashback on deposit bonus, the casino returns a percentage of your deposit, irrespective of your losses. For example, if you claim a 15% cashback bonus and deposit €100, you will receive €15 back as bonus money.

🎮 Provider Cashback

Game provider cashback bonuses focus on a single game provider like Microgaming or NetEnt. Playing slot games from a specific provider will earn you rebates. This promotion is usually available for a limited time.

🎟️ Converted Rebates

Converting your cashback means that you’ll receive that money in another form. Instead of receiving cash, you might get free spins, lottery tickets, or cryptocurrency.

🎰 Progressive Cashback Bonuses

Engaging in certain promotions can earn you cashback rates that increase as you climb higher in the promotional rankings. For example, you might start with a 2% cashback rate as a new player, which could escalate to an impressive 18% over time.

♠️ Live Casino Cashback Offers

Some cashback bonuses are specific to certain types of casino games. While most are applicable to slot games, certain betting sites offer cashback specifically for live casino games. A live dealer bonus is an excellent option if you enjoy engaging in live games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, game shows, and other immersive live dealer experiences.

How to Activate a Cashback Bonus

As with any casino bonus, you need to activate your cashback bonus to benefit from it. The process is typically straightforward and quick, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select a casino – Pick one of the casinos that offer cashback bonuses from our list and click ‘PLAY’. You will then be redirected to the casino’s webpage
  2. Examine the bonus terms and conditions – Ensure you understand any wagering requirements associated with the offer, as well as any restrictions on games, the maximum amount of cashback, and other limitations.
  3. Claim the bonus — Typically, you will see a ‘CLAIM NOW’ or ‘CLAIM BONUS’ button that you need to press.
  4. Register – If you are not already a member at your selected casino, you will need to sign up.
  5. The bonus is activated – At this point, your cashback is automatically added to your account and you can begin to use it.

⚠️ Note: Some casino cashback bonuses require activation through casino bonus codes. In these instances, they can only be claimed by entering a specific cashback promo code.

Discover New Online Cashback Casinos 

  1. 1
    Hejgo Casino-logo
    North Casino
    100% / € 1000Welcome Bonus
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    Wheelz Casino-logo
    490% / € 2120Welcome Bonus
  3. 3
    Kakadu Casino-logo
    100% / € 500Welcome Bonus

New casinos offering bonus codes are continually emerging in the industry, and our dedicated team of casino experts here at Casino Crest diligently work to bring you the finest options. If you’re in search of new casinos with cashback opportunities, look no further. We have compiled a list of some of the top and most reliable sites above.

Common Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions 

Cashback offers always come with a set of terms and conditions. While these vary from one casino to another, certain conditions are universally common across all bonuses, such as:

  • Maximum cashback — This is the highest amount you can receive from a cashback bonus. There's a cap that limits the funds you can obtain from such a bonus.
  • Minimum payout – Most cashback bonuses have a minimum payout requirement. These aren't typically high, but they prevent you from receiving any cashback if your play involves only a small number of spins. But realistically, who limits themselves to that?
  • Minimum deposit – The minimum deposit required to qualify for a cashback bonus varies across different casinos.
  • Expiration date — Cashback bonuses from casinos are not everlasting. Depending on the casino, they might be valid for a day, a week, or even a month.
  • Game restrictions — Often, cashback bonuses are applicable only to certain games or a group of games, with a list of exclusions. Typically, these bonuses might cover most slot games, but exclude live casino options and some table games.

No Wagering Requirements 

What's the best aspect of online casino cashback? Most often, there are no wagering requirements attached to these bonuses, meaning whatever you win is yours to keep. However, be aware that some higher-than-usual cashback bonuses might still carry low wagering requirements. It's crucial to always review the bonus terms and conditions.

Usually, wagering requirements do not apply to cashback bonuses.

Pro Tips for Finding the Best Cashback Bonuses

Cashback offers provide significant value. To maximize the benefits from your promotions, follow our expert advice on casino rebate promotions now.

💰Check the max cashback limit 
Casino promotions rarely offer endless benefits. At some point, the promotion becomes invalid because you’ve reached a certain threshold. The cashback bonus is mostly advertised as a fixed or progressive percentage from your net losses. Check the cap on maximum losses that you are able to recover.
💳 Verify reward format 
Online casinos diverge in the cashback format they use. Some online cashback casinos provide actual cash that you can immediately withdraw. Many others take a different route with bonus money that you can only use for gambling. While not a traditional cashback bonus per se, you could even receive the cash value in free spins or other rewards. 
🎰 Take note of game exclusions
Cashback bonuses frequently come with a list of excluded games. More often than not, the cashback may cover all or most of the slots, while leaving live casino and certain table games out of the equation. 
💵 Be mindful of the minimum payout
The majority of cashback bonuses carry minimum payout requirements. Although these aren’t high, they do make it impossible to receive any cashback if you are only committing to a few dozen spins. Then again, who would do that in the first place?


How to claim a cashback bonus?


To claim your cashback bonus, you must opt into the promotion. Subsequent steps vary by casino, so adhere to the specific requirements and instructions of the casino to secure your bonus.

How much do I have to bet for a cashback bonus?


A robust cashback bonus typically has a low minimum payout threshold, allowing most players to reach it fairly quickly.

How do I redeem casino cashback bonuses?


In most online casinos, cashback is automatically redeemed at the start of each month. For one-time cashback campaigns, the rewards are usually distributed after the campaign period ends.

Are cashback bonuses legal?


Yes, cashback bonuses are legal. Ensure you play at a regulated and reputable casino site. The casinos listed on this page are all regulated by an authoritative and respected body.

What is the average cashback percentage?


Typically, the average casino cashback ranges from 5% to 30%.

Can I win real money with cashback?


Absolutely, you can. When you receive a portion of your losses back, that money is yours to use for playing more casino games, potentially leading to wins. Note that some casinos might require you to wager this money first.

Can I only get cashback when losing money?


No, it's also possible to receive cashback when you make a deposit, for instance. This represents a different type of cashback bonus where you can receive some money back on your initial deposit.

Do cashback offers come with wagering requirements?


Typically, cashback bonuses do not have wagering requirements. However, some casinos might impose them, so it's advisable to check the terms and conditions before opting in and beginning to play.

Do all casinos offer cashback bonuses?


Not all online casinos provide cashback bonuses. We have listed those that do on this page.

How to get cashback bonus online casino?


You can access some of the best cashback offers by selecting an online casino with a cashback bonus from this page and claiming it.

Is online casino cashback bonus free?


Activating your cashback bonus is free of charge. However, to qualify for rebates, you need to deposit some funds and engage sufficiently to meet the minimum threshold for a cashback bonus payout.